26 January 2016
 January 26, 2016

With February now upon us and the evenings beginning to get longer, why not make the most of that happy feeling and bring more of it into your home. It’s natural for our interiors to become stale so why not look to make some little changes and bring some bounce back into your step!

Colour In Unexpected Places

Adding a little colour into an unexpected place can add fun to your home. How about painting an old piece of furniture such as a cupboard or kitchen table? Small changes like this can make a big difference to a room and your mood.

CCHappinessonepdf(Source: ElleDecoration)

Add Plants and Flowers

The addition of house plants and freshly cut flowers can not only make a room and home feel fresher but also help cleanse the air. This makes for a more happy and healthy environment.

CCHappinesstwo(Source: LaurenConrad)

Add Photos

Digital photographs means that we don’t get to enjoy our photographs as we once did. Change this and print out your favourite family portraits and display them in key areas of your home such as your staircase or living room.

CCHappinessthree(Source: Cupofjo)


Clutter in your home can make you feel cluttered mentally. Why not decide to purge your belongings and clear out clutter-prone areas. It is a painful process but once complete you and your home will seem a lot brighter!

Happinessfour1(Source: CamilleStyles)

Build a Home Library

Everyone loves a good book so why not consider creating a home library? This means that you can store all of your books in one tidy area whilst also discovering old favourites and sharing them with the family/housemates.

CCHappinessfive(Source: HouseandGarden)

Add Humour

Last but not least, a little light humour in your home can lift spirits and break-away from the norm! Why not try a wall sticker such as the one below or a novelty doormat?

CCHappinesssix(Source: BelvedereDesigns)

How We Can Help

Caerphilly Carpet Company provide top quality flooring solutions for your home. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to brighten up your home then get in touch and see how we can help! You can either contact us on the details below or stop by our showroom in Caerphilly, Wales.

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