2 February 2016
 February 2, 2016

White is a fresh, clean and bright colour for your home. Sometimes white can be overlooked but it works well with a variety of decorating styles.

Below is some inspiration for using white in your home:

Contrasting Colours

White can be a simple base onto which you can layer other colours. This secondary colour can either be bright and create a high contrast look or a more subtle colour such as the one used below.


CCwhiteone(Source: Littlehouseonthecorner)

White Soft Furnishings

A beautiful white sofa can look clean and fresh. White is a classic colour which won’t age as fast as patterns and bold statement pieces. You can also layer other soft furnishing on top of it such as comfortable blankets and pillows.

CCWhitetwo(Source: Housetohome)

White Kitchen

Choosing a neutral colour such as white for your kitchen units can be a good option for rental properties as it will be appealing to most renters. It can also provide the illusion of space, bouncing off natural light from your windows.

CCWhitethree(Source: Housetohome)

White Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is extremely versatile. This hard-wearing floor option provides a great canvas which is perfect for layering either further white tones to create a more Scandinavian decor look or to add contrasting tones to create a dramatic look.

CCWhitefour(Source: Talosanomat)

White Carpet

Neutral coloured carpet creates a luxurious feel to a room. It can also feel calming and hence perfect for nurseries or children’s bedrooms such as the one shown below.

CCWhitefive(Source: Houzz)

White Tiles

Uniform white tiles have become increasingly fashionable over the last few years. This is because it creates the illusion of space and luxury. It is the perfect choice for renters as it will suit a wide range of renter’s tastes and makes it easy to replace damaged or broken tiles.

CCWhiteseven(Source: Dwell)

How We Can Help

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