13 January 2016
 January 13, 2016

The short days of Winter can have us all longing for a little more daylight. Thankfully, there are some small steps you can make in your home to maximise the amount of natural light you let into your space and make the most of that light.


Positioning a mirror opposite a window can double the amount of light in a room. This is a great excuse to invest in a beautiful mirror which can also be a perfect feature. You can opt for a vintage mirror from a local thrift store or a more modern look from shops such as IKEA or John Lewis.

CCfiresiderugsone(Source: Housebeautiful)

Light Drapes

Why waste natural light with heavy curtains or thick blinds? By choosing light drapes such as the ones shown below you can still benefit from the natural sun-rays whilst keeping some privacy.

CCLetthelightintwo(Source: PelleLundquist)

See-through Doors

Why not consider sharing the light between rooms? Installing glass doors can open a space up whilst also making the rooms brighter and more liveable.

CCLetthelightinthree(Source: Thewhitebook)

Neutral Colours

Why not take a leaf out of the Scandinavian’s book and use neutral colours for your interior design? The light colours can brighten the space and provide the illusion of space.

CCLetthelightinfour(Source: Thenordicfeeling)

The Right Curtains

This is a trick which not many people follow but once you notice it, you will never look back. When installing your curtain rail ensure that it is raised above the window space. This will allow more light into the room and let the curtains sit better.

CCLetthelightinfive(Source: LaurenConrad)

Light Flooring

By lightening your flooring you are allowing more light to bounce around your room. Light carpet, vinyl or laminate flooring can help to open the space and provide a blank canvas for your furniture.

CCLetthelightinsix(Source: Madaboutthehouse)

How We Can Help

Caerphilly Carpet Company provide high quality flooring solutions for your home, including light coloured laminate, vinyl and carpet to brighten any room. For more information, please visit our shop in Caerphilly or give us a call using the contact details below.

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